I Can’t Make Up My Mind!

I have to be one of the worst at making up my mind. About anything. But right now I’m trying to decide on the layout of my blog(s). There are so many options and fun ways that this could be done and I want to do them all – at once. But that’s not going to work so for now I’m going to try to consolidate three of my blogs into one. I really don’t have enough to say to justify four blogs. I mean really, now. I do talk a lot but most of it just isn’t worth writing down. So, here’s to the new, better, bigger blog.

And while we’re on the subject of blogging, I’d like to mention that my two oldest children have begun blogs of their own. Austin, age 12 (almost 13), last posted lots of photos of things he built with K-Nex. He loves to build with them and spends hours at it. Austin’s blog can be found at http://austinwb.wordpress.com/.  Amanda, age 10, loves animals and her last post was about our cat, Scout. Her blog can be found at http://amandarb.wordpress.com/. They would love to have some readers and some comments.


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